Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Sports Software

In the Free Software sidebar, I've added a link to a program called GameDiary. This is one of several sports software applications I've developed within my Avaplay sports company.

I recently decided to release a "free" version of the software that contains some advertisements, but includes most of the features present in the paid version. You can go to to learn more about this and other sports software applications.

Here's a short blurb describing GameDiary and how you use it:

"GameDiary is a personal sports organizer that enables you to collect pictures, video clips (including YouTube videos), statistics and game notes to tell your sport season's story. Create a new Season, add games to the schedule, and begin collecting your media and game information. Print game summaries, statistic reports, a Season schedule/calendar, and your personal profile and sports card. Add sportscaster voice-overs or personal audio notes to enhance your media, share your Seasons with other GameDiary users, and much more. Designed for the athlete and sports parent, this single sports software program supports ALL sports."

If you're interested in "telling the story" of an athlete's sports season, I suggest you check out GameDiary.

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