How to Rock Sports

Learn Sports Skills
& Get in the Game!
Enjoying sports and having success starts with skill fundamentals. Our How to Rock Sports series of Android apps is a fun introduction to the essential skills needed to play sports.

Instructional Sports Apps for Kids and their Parents
Using animated cartoon characters and audio instruction, each part of a sports skill is
presented in a way that will appeal to young
beginners. These apps will also help parents who
want to teach sports to their child.

Start out with our free Let's Play Ball app and
then progress to apps that provide more detail on how to perform specific skills. Our Throw a Baseball and Catch a Baseball apps provide instruction on each part of these skills. (Shoot a Basketball and Throw a Football are in the works, with more to follow).

  • Animated characters who demonstrate each part of a skill.
  • Video of characters performing full skill.
  • Read-to-me audio mode.
  • Fun click animations (butterfly, frog, flowers).
  • No ads or in-app purchases.