Friday, July 27, 2012

Preventing concussions in girls soccer

   Several years ago, a college acquaintance told me about her daughter's battle with multiple concussions while playing soccer in high school. Although her daughter was expected to make a full recovery, the healing process was a slow one, involving substantial medical attention over many months. Not knowing much about concussions, I remember being surprised at the magnitude of the injury's effect on my friend's entire family.

Over the last few years, we have all become more aware of the potential long-term consequences of youth concussions. Many sports parents are interested in knowing how best to protect their child.

Wendy LeBolt, PhD has written a series of articles about concussions, and more specifically, concussions that occur for girls who play soccer. You can find these articles at her Fit2Finish website. Also, there's an excellent video where Wendy demonstrates a series of exercises that can possibly help girls avoid concussions from heading the ball.

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Wendy LeBolt said...

Hey Jeff, thanks for the shout out! What a difference we could make for these kids if we prepared them well for the games they already love.
Here's to some great inspiration coming straight from London, eh mate?

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