Friday, October 16, 2009

The Joy of Youth Sports Now Available from Amazon

My book, The Joy of Youth Sports, is now available from Amazon for $8.95.

To view the Amazon product page go to The Joy of Youth Sports. The "Look Inside" feature is enabled for this book.

If you are affiliated with an organization that is interested in distributing this book to your member community, substantial discounts are available. Please contact for more information.

Here's the book's back cover:

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CoachScott said...

Thanks so much for your insights. As a 15 year veteran hockey and lacrosse youth coach, I've long looked for resources to share with my over-zealous parental units. Love your blog. I haven't looked at this resource, but US Lacrosse is helping promote another resource for youth sports "Whose Game is it Anyway?" Dr.Ginsburg’s book Whose Game is it Anyway? probes deeper into the child psychology of youth sports and how to best navigate the waters with your child....Just wanted to share that. I appreciate your experience in putting your resource together.

Jeffrey Rhoads [Inside Youth Sports] said...

Thanks Scott for your comments and support.

There are a number of good youth sports resources out there, some of which you're now following. The Positive Coaching Alliance ( is another one that offers some solid advice and parenting tools. Although I've not read the book you referenced, the advice presented by Dr. Ginsburg on his website echos my thoughts and others who are advocating a more balanced, process oriented approach toward youth sports.

I hope that my blog's combination of philosphy and pragmatic advice (from one who played, coached, and enjoyed sports) will find its place among these other resources.

If you have any ideas on youth sports or possible topic areas, don't hestitate to contact me directly by email:

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